Welcome to DWC

Over the last 25 years Pastor Darren as established Schools of Ministry in three different Continents, equipping thousands of leaders and starting many churches.

Now he is bring DWC School of Ministry to Bangor Maine to help equip this generation and the next in discovering their purpose and establishing new Kingdom Ministries 

Deep Studies and practical training.

You get to have a go!

This is a one year course starting in September 2021

Meetings once

a week.

Those who are called into ministry will receive ordination

We encourage in person classes but an online option will be available 

The cost will be $30 a month or $270 for the year.

Some of the Subjects:

Group Dynamics

The call to ministry 

The call the cost

Gifting, Character and desire

The man in ministry

The Women in ministry 

Discover your purpose

Gifts of Helps

Fivefold Ministry 

The Apostle

The Prophet

The Pastor

The Teacher

The Evangelist

Intentional Living

Preparation and Presentation

How to Preach

Apostolic Church Planting

Working with a Worship Team

Ministering with The Holy Spirit

Faith and Finance

Creating leadership and Elders

Team Work

Passing The Baton

People and Programs

Using Social Media