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Praise and Worship
If you choose to visit “Deeper Worship Center” you have to come to more than one service, as every meeting is different and exciting. However in every service we seek to go deeper in Worship, Word and the Works of the Holy Spirit
Statement of Beliefs

In common with many Christians all over the world our beliefs are centred on the Bible, which we hold to be without mistake; written and compiled by men as they were inspired by God.

We believe about God:
•There is only one God, the creator of all things.
•God loves every person.

We believe about Jesus:
•Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born of a virgin.
•He lived a completely good life, did real miracles and actually died nailed to a cross.
•He really rose from the dead and was seen, heard and touched before rising to heaven.

We believe about the Holy Spirit:
•God has sent the Holy Spirit to comfort and teach us, helping us to live God`s way.
•The Holy Spirit gives us new abilities and through our prayers heals the sick and breaks the power of things that hold us back.

We believe about mankind:
•There is life after death, either in heaven or in hell.
•Everyone will one day have to account for their life, before God
•No-one is good enough to go to heaven
•God sent Jesus to die in our place, taking the punishment for our wrongs and cancelling God`s sentence against us.
•By accepting Jesus and turning to obey God we receive salvation- we come into God`s protection and care with the hope of eternity in heaven.

We believe about the future:

•Heaven is a real place, exciting, full of fun and is God`s longing for everyone.
•Hell is a real place of fear, misery and loneliness, originally created for the devil.
•Jesus will one day return in power to rule over the earth.
Our Mission
​Deeper gathers to see people grow closer to God trough the power of the Holy Spirit, increasing faith, deepening intimacy and accelerating change through a relationship with Jesus.