Welcome to DWC

Deeper Worship Center

A safe place to experience the Holy Spirit

The Presence

Some would call us Charismatics and other would say we are Pentecostal, I like to think of us as believers of Jesus who are in pursuit of the presence of the Holy Spirit . We look for His Leadership and power to direct our lives.   

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The Word

We are more than a group of people that just get happy in the presence of God. We love to teach the truth of what God says about us. His truth, which is found in the Bible is the foundation of our lives. 

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Praise and worship is our opportunity to show our gratefulness to God. I like to think of it,  not as one serenading another but as a duet as we respond with love to the love we have received.

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Bangor Bound 
Summer 2021

After 8 years in Portland Maine, Darren and Amanda are coming home and relocating Deeper Worship Center in Bangor Maine.  

Our new address will be posted shortly. Please keep coming back to see where we have landed!

DWC School of Ministry

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Training for reigning

September 2021


Sunday 13th June

at 6PM

Down- Under/ Seasons Grill

427 Main Street

Bangor, Maine

An evening of Praise, Prophecy and Prayer